La Sexta
- Xplora



Xplora is a new digital channel of the La Sexta broadcasts in Spain. This channel concerns itself with documentary themes, although the focus is more on Reality Documentaries rather than classic nature documentaries. In the central role for Xplora is the figure of the explorer, the thirst for knowledge in discovering things. The Idents and the design language are based on three basis forms and for bodies from the world of science (sphere, pyramid, cube). These basic figures are investigated layer for layer, laying bare different worlds for the viewer in the process. These reflect back on the TV channel. The animation is a mixture of graphics, 3D and photographs. The promotion design corresponds with the design language (layers) of the Idents.

credits: client: la sexta (spain) creative management: gabi trojan-madračević, andrea bednarz creative director / design: juan garcia segura design and animation: juan garcia segura, udo hudelmaier, daniel fuchs music: pablo cebrián, ángel l. samos client service: julie siemens