- Open Air

Open Air

This programme block is a comprehensive report on all Open Air festivals. The opener needs to capture this atmosphere while retaining the abstract form of zdf.kultur's language. For this reason we show a young man, filmed in stopp-motion animation, who goes through the whole gamut of the Open Air experience: from supermarket trolley with his festival gear, barbecue, sunshade, changes of clothes to sun, rain, mud, hay – he rocks with his guitar into the sunset.
credits: client: ZDF / ZDF Kultur, christian kohl, andreas reinberger, irena pavor creative director: gabi madracevic creative management: andrea bednarz art director: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle director / dop: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle designer / animation: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle decor: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle audio on air: ZDF / guido jobelius audio website: miscellaneous