NBC Universal/13th street
- Creme de la Crime

Creme de la Crime

Crème de la Crime was created at the end of 2012. The spot supported a large-scale audience online vote in which the viewers could choose their favourite series. The winner was broadcast on 13th Street. As the name makes clear the vote was about the best crime/detective series. In the spot, each series is represented by a bizarre culinary arrangement.


In the final packshot of the opener all of the plates are shown in total.
credits: client: nbc universal / 13th street (elmar crick, director on air promotion) creative director: gabi madracevic creative management: andrea bednarz design / creation: gabi madracevic, andrea bednarz, elmar krick, iris pfennig design / animation: iris pfennig, rebecca metzger, bettina hoeber director: gabi madracevic dop: jochen staeblein edit: matthias doerfler colour grading: sylvi roessler producer: tatjana zivanovic-wegele decor: bernd arold (gesellschaftsraum)