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Channel Branding

Channel 1 is the first public TV channel in Egypt and belongs to ERTU (the Egyptian Radio and Television Union), the biggest broadcasting provider in Egypt. The project involved the rebranding of Channel 1, Channel 2, the Egyptian satellite channel ESC, the news package “Egypt News” which is aired on all three channels and the corporate logos of ERTU and its sections. The new Brand had to fulfil these attributes: -> high identification potential with Egypt and the Egyptians -> ability to cover all ERTU Brands and to be extended to future strategies -> ease of identification -> applicable to all levels of marketing communication on- and off-air. There is one famous symbol that can encompass all these attributes: the pyramid. The entire design language: the logos, the promo-package and the idents are based on the pyramid and the pyramid shape. With a similar and recognisable design style, all three channels show their connection to a family brand, while retaining their individual style‚ expressed in colours and varying use of graphics. Channel 1 represents family-life. The idents show people in the most varied places and together creating pyramids from the most varied objects.


The new corporate design of the umbrella brand and its sub-brands and sections. As Channel 1 is a sub-brand of ERTU, consistency of the umbrella brand was needed. The pyramid is the key visual which runs through all levels of the brand family.
credits: client: ertu (egypt) creative director: gabi trojan-madračević creative management: andrea bednarz design and creation: jan rinkens, jorinna scherle, stefan sperner, arne tympe design and animation: arne tympe, cora riegel, jan rinkens, matthaeus wildauer, frank schmidt, max ahammer, wiebke pforr, janina lermer director: gabi trojan-madračević director of photography: gunnar fuss edit: matthias doerfler film production: o-production (cairo) music: novaprod (paris) telecine: arri (munich)