ARD/Das Erste
- Christmas Campaign 2015

Christmas Campaign 2015

For the German TV station "Das Erste" we developed the 2015 Christmas campaign, based on the claim "Weihnachten kommt sicher!" (Christmas will be here for sure! / literally: Christmas comes for sure). The substance of the concept is formed by festive animated postcards, which have subtle, rhyming references to the seasonal programming, such as: "Stille Nacht, viertel nach acht, der neue Tatort munter macht.“ (Silent Night, eight-fifteen, the new Tatort, festive on your screen / lit.: …makes cheerful). We produced several station idents, commercial bumpers, electronic and printed Christmas greeting cards, and design elements for the corporate website. The wording serves this special Christmas mood while also establishing a meaningful connection to the channel's programming. The design and animation concept is based on fine illustrations and diversified typography. Brought to life with hand-crafted animations and colored with delicate shades of blue, it is a perfect fit to both the magical mood of Christmas and the corporate on-air design at "Das Erste".
credits: client: das erste, ard design, henriette edle von hoessle creative director: gabi madračević producer: tatjana živanović-wegele art director: iris pfennig art director off-air: vera warter graphic design & illustration: katharina blenk animation: daniel stacherdinger, udo hudelmaier, dorit lang, iris pfennig, katharina blenk text: christine brüning music/sound design: nova spot paris :