Deutsche Welle
- Euromaxx



Big Bang and bam, bam! Planes, palm trees, buses and the Eifel Tower are all being tossed around in the air – “euromaxx on vacation”. Fishes, pepper mills, lobsters, pineapples, plates and a golden or wooden artichoke all dance and beckon you to your table – “euromaxx à la carte”. LUXLOTUSLINER developed for EUROMAXX – the DW lifestyle magazine – a new breath taking and zeitgeisty design.The core features of the new image are animated objects, flying through space and time. These moving, living figures, built out of 3D-objects, reflect the whole range of contents featured in the lifestyle magazine. “Venice in XXS”, “Cologne Carnival with its Triumvirate”, “To Mallorca for the Almond Blossom” – in other words, “Life and Culture in Europe”: exciting, informative, entertaining, diverse and 100% European. The euro-flashy 3D objects are made out of materials such as glass, textile or wood. They appear explosively, float through pastel spaces, and encounter clearly outlined surfaces and shapes. The EUROMAXX logo with its crisp and clear typography finds a natural, organic place in this overall imagery. The 3D sculptures, developed by LUXLOTUSLINER, move continually and react to each other according to genuine physical laws, allowing new and surprising perspectives and compositions to arise again and again.The overall picture reveals digital collages where the objects have coincidental relationships to each other. The power of attraction and repulsion rolled into one, like current turbulences, swarm behaviour or strong wind flows. In addition, the modular overall concept designed by LUXLOTUSLINER gives EUROMAXX producers plenty of space for further development.
credits: client: deutsche welle; holger zeh (head of design), lars jandel (art director) creative director: jan rinkens, gabi trojan-madračević design: jan rinkens, iris rinkens, cay fiehn animation: jan rinkens, cay fiehn project manager: thomas menz producer: tatjana živanović-wegele music opener: alle farben music compilation: simone lalovich lalli