- Pixelmacher


Pixelmaker is a programme in the new pop-culture oriented channel zdf.kultur. Pixelmaker reports on new computer games and games of all kinds. This offers a forum for game freaks and keeps them up to date with the games scene. We have taken the title of the programme literally and created a pixel monster which "pixels" things. With a latex hammer, Pixelmaker strikes objects of desire, which are immediately transformed into variously sized and coloured pixels. The opener and the whole package of the programme lean on the playful character of the channel's design.
credits: client: ZDF / ZDF Kultur, christian kohl, andreas reinberger, irena pavor creative director: gabi madracevic creative management: andrea bednarz art director: jan rinkens, cay fiehn, gabi madracevic designer / animation: jan rinkens, cay fiehn director / dop: gabi madracevic producer: tatjana zivanovic-wegele decor: sandra hauser audio on air: ZDF / guido jobelius audio website: miscellaneous