- Number One

Number One

In a series of 45-minute programmes, Markus Kavka presents the private and professional biographies of famous contemporary musicians. On each occasion the programme is devoted to one musician or band. The main focus is interviews, interspersed with reports of the singer or band. The opener shows Kavka putting posters on his own wall. This wall shows 18 different posters, textures and patterns designed by us, as well as the letters of the individual programme’s title. The posters, in zdf.kultur style, are genuinely analogue, the rotating records are digital and turn in time to the music.

credits: client: zdf / zdf.kultur; christian kohl, andreas reinberger, irena pavor creative director: gabi trojan-madračević creative management: andrea bednarz art director: jan rinkens, gabi trojan-madračević designer / animation: jan rinkens, iris pfennig, nadja doth director / dop: gunner fuss, gabi trojan-madračević producer: tatjana živanović-wegele audio on-air: zdf; guido jobelius audio website: miscellaneous