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- Dirndl! Fertig! Los!

Dirndl! Fertig! Los!

Every year, more than five million visitors from all over the world sing national and international hits in the festival tents, from "Hey Baby" to "Tausendmal belogen," from "Country Roads" to „Griechischer Wein“. This year, millions of viewers can also join in the celebrations in front of their screens. Because for the "Wiesn," Florian Silbereisen presents "Dirndl! Ready! Go! Die Oktoberfestshow 2017" from Munich. Luxlotusliner was commissioned to do the design for the show. The logo, opener, inserts, stage play and press kit shone in the Oktoberfest look and gave the show a consistent look. The show was also celebrated in Dirndl, just like the inventors. We were commissioned by ARD Design. The show was a joint production of MDR and BR in cooperation with Jürgens TV. The first broadcast of "Dirndl! Ready! Go! Die Oktoberfestshow 2017" was live on Saturday, September 16, 2017, on the German public broadcaster Ersten.

credits: client: ard design and presentation; henriette edle von hoessle (head of department and creative director), werner mayer (art director) creative director: gabi trojan-madračević project manager: thomas menz design and animation: iris pfennig producer: tatjana živanović-wegele production company: jürgens und partner