Due to the renaming of "Filmdebüt im Ersten" to "ARD Debüt", a new logo was to be designed that would fit the existing labelopener of the agencies Creative Cosmos 15 and Giraffentoast. We had several suggestions, some of which went in completely different directions and were a bit more delicate and playful. In the end, however, we agreed with our client (ARD Design, Creative Director Henriette Edle von Hoessle): we liked the contrast between the playful and colorful butterfly and the clear, bold typeface that looks similar to a movie poster. An important aspect of the brief and thus decisive for the final decision was to design a multimedia-capable logo that would also work well in online applications and small displays and brand the content there, detached from the butterfly. The logo is set in a condensed sans-serif font. To improve kerning and give the logo more logo character, the letters have been moved closer together and the Ü has been moved under the T. The Ü strokes have been moved to the right. The Ü strokes shift slightly to the left, like an extension of the T stroke. This results in a compact and cinematic looking logo.

credits: client: ard design, image & brand experience; henriette edle von hoessle (head of department and creative director) creative director: gabi madračević project manager: katharina blenk logo design: katharina blenk logo animation: katharina blenk labelopener: creative cosmos 15, giraffentoast