- Maybrit Illner

Maybrit Illner

Maybrit Illner is a 60- minute political talkshow introduced by Maybrit Illner. The programme addresses topical subjects. The guests are mostly German politicians. The programme is broadcasted from the ZDFs central Studio Berlin. The main innovation in the Design is the set developed by Juergen Bieling, which involves Maybrit Illner sitting together with her guests around a table. The On Air Design, mainly visible on a large vidiwall, shows in an abstract way the confrontation, different opinions and the complexity of the discussions. The stylistic devices employed are lines, superimposed and disintegrating surfaces. The new colours of violet, grey and orange are aimed at giving the programme a look that sets it apart from others in its genre while simultaneously integrating it into the ZDF Design.

credits: client: zdf creative director: andrea bednarz creative management: andrea bednarz design / creation: nadja doth design / animation: nadja doth, matthaeus wildauer