Deutsche Welle
- Afrimaxx



The weekly lifestyle magazine searches for inspiration and innovation in all areas of popular culture – from fashion and design through to architecture, art, food and travel. The focus is on outstanding individuals doing extraordinary things on the African continent. Afrimaxx showcases contemporary lifestyle for a young, emergent pan-African target group: inspiring, motivating, future-oriented. The program is a co-production between DW and "Arena Holding" in Johannesburg, South Africa. The format curates a pan-African cultural mosaic for a young, emergent target group by showcasing the innovation and creativity of Africa’s many diverse nations. With “Afrimaxx“, DW illustrates lifestyle and trends from countries south of the Sahara, presenting Africa as a cosmopolitan, modern and aspirational continent. At the heart of the Afrimaxx design, which is related to the Euromaxx design, are lively sculptures made of 3D objects that fully reflect the content of the magazine. The objects show African landmarks, trees and hippos and mix with other design objects. The color palette mixes pastels with an earthy red and a turquoise.
credits: client: deutsche welle; holger Zeh, Maria Regenspurger creative director: jan rinkens, gabi trojan-madračević design: jan rinkens, iris rinkens, cay fiehn animation: jan rinkens, cay fiehn producer/project manager: tatjana živanović-wegele music opener: alle farben