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Polsat Sport is the most popular Polish sport TV channel, belonging to Polsat Group. Luxlotusliner created the new appearance for Polsat Sport Family, setting the main goal on featuring the new Polsat Sport Logo and increasing the Polsat Sport brand recognition. The centerpieces of Polsat Sport design are the 10 station idents. For these we used the motion capture approach. We captured the movements of professional athletes as an input and turned their movements into dynamically animated sculptures out of dots, lines and typography. Every ident presents the emotional highlight of a sport event, such as a goal, an ace or a smash, supported through very strong and recognizable sounds of fans, cheering full of joy, ending with a clear and concise visual and audio Polsat Sport Logo. Polsat Sport - feel the joy Beside the idents we produced nearly 100 individual elements, framing the real sport event images and the Polsat Sport program in a very memorable and minimalistic design.
credits: client: polsat; ewa brzózka-kadula creative director: gabi trojan-madračević, jan rinkens producer: tatjana živanović-wegele senior art director: cay fiehn sound design: largoland musicproduction