- Montage


'Montage' is 'Theme of the week' and is broadcast on Mondays (German: Montage). A place for stories, storytellers, the open-minded and seekers of truth. Everything is inter-connected, a play-space for associations. A theme can be presented in the widest variety of ways, and in four hours quite different feeds are pieced together to form a whole like in a montage. Themes have ranged from 'The First Time' and 'Without Words' to 'Under the Skin'. The opener shows an installation in which things are first sawn up, only to be put back together again to give a new combination of the parts.
credits: client: zdf / zdf.kultur; christian kohl, andreas reinberger, irena pavor creative director: gabi trojan-madračević creative management: andrea bednarz art director: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle director / dop: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle designer / animation: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle decor: stefan sperner, jorinna scherle audio on-air: zdf; guido jobelius audio website: miscellaneous