ARD/Das Erste
- Christmas Campaign 2016

Christmas Campaign 2016

For the German state TV channel Das Erste, Luxlotusliner developed and produced the Christmas Campaign 2016 „Was wünschst du dir“ / „What are your wishes“, accompanied by the „Was wünschst du dir“ song, composed, performed and produced by Keno Langbein & Dominik Giesriegl. The centerpiece of the campaign is a huge christmas installation mobile, which is built and decorated with thousands of personal written wish lists such as: Happiness, truthfulness, freedom, love, new hair cut, snow balls, more time, strong nerves, new beginning, diversity, shooting stars, arctic ice, sand in the shoes and many, many more. In these uncertain times we are building together our wish mobile and we are sending our simple but sincere wishes out to the world. The warm and personal sound Keno and Dominik created is underlining the cosy Christmas atmosphere. Beside the station idents, we also produced commercial bumpers, electronic and printed christmas greeting cards, design elements for the corporate Das Erste Website and social media portals as well as downloadable ring tones.
credits: ARD-DESIGN & PRÄSENTATION : Creative Director: Henriette Edle von Hoessle Art Director: Werner Mayer : LUXLOTUSLINER : Director: Gabi Madračević DOP: Simon Drescher Creative Director: Gabi Madračević, Jan Rinkens Producer: Tatjana Živanović-Wegele Project Manager: Nadja Doth Editor: Matthias Dörfler Postproduction: Sylvi Rößler, Flo Wolf Animation/Design/Print: Vera Warter, Patrick Paulin, Udo Hudelmaier, Manuel Steinhauser Set Design/Mobile: Christl Wein, Gabi Madračević, Jan Rinkens Styling: Christl Wein Music produced by: Dominik Giesriegl Lyrics performed by: Keno Langbein